Primitive Outdoor Gear

Our store has you covered when it comes to Tents. We have a large number of them to choose from. We carry solo backpacking tents to any size family tents. Some tents that are even instant. What ever fits you or your family best. There is something you may want to think about is the seasons. Our store carrys different season Tents. If you prefer to camp in 2 seasons, 3 seasons or all the seasons. Looking for more gear for either camping or hiking and kayaking to go along with it? We have it.

When it comes to wanting to camp in a Hammock which I believe is by far more comfortable to sleep in then sleeping on the ground with a sleep pad. But, you’ll need an under quilt to keep your body heat in and stay warm. You may have Mosquitos or bugs where you are going. A bug net or a hammock that has one already built in might be what your looking for. Lets say your looking for something for two. You may find yourself in need of a seperate bug net to wrap up the hammock in. Double hammocks, they don’t make many double hammocks with built in bug nets.

Anything you might be interested in for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, or Kayaking our store has it. Camping in the Snow we now carry snowshoes and added Kayaks and Kayak gear you may wanna check into.

Our store really does have everything. Solar for charging phones and small devices on the go. Night Vision to spot the animals around the camp, or to do some night time exploring. GPS devices to help you find your way. Camping stoves for the backpacker or the campsite. You don’t wanna forget about your sleeping pads. We carry inflatable sleeping pads and self inflating. Then your sleeping bags you’ll need. Our sleeping bags are rated for all the different seasons with different rated degress. Our store does really have a lot to offer. I haven’t even scratch the surface. We have everything for your next adventure. Check us out. We offer great pricing on brand name gear. If we didn’t have it, it’s probably not very good. If my family won’t use it, then yours shouldn’t either.

You can’t go wrong when most of the products have Free Shipping, Returns and Warranties. It’s a NO RISK SHOPPING experience with us.


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