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SKOLD USA Venom Snake Gaiter

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  • Our snake gaiter offers EXTREME PROTECTION against snake bites, thorns, sharp surfaces, and other reptile attacks. Venom snake gaiter gives you PEACE OF MIND with its 4 layers of HIGH RESISTANCE POLYAMIDE. It also has an insertion of POLYCARBONATE ARMOR giving it an extra layer of protection. -The gaiter is COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE so it gives you an EXCELLENT MOBILITY and COMFORT without losing its AWESOME PROTECTIVE FUNCTION. Venom is SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, you will be able to use it for a long period of time without even feeling it. – Our snake gaiter offers protection for a total of 20¨ height (4¨Knee Protection, 16¨ Shin Protection, 4¨Foot Protection), and a 17¨Perimeter Protection. It will not come off unwillingly with its 2¨Velcro sealing feature. **IF YOU NEED A WIDER GAITER, LOOK FOR OUR XL VENOM.
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