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Razer Gaiters Snake Gaiters

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  • ADJUSTABLE FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: Razer Gaiters Snake Gaiters feature a unique design of 13 individual polycarbonate panels that wrap smoothly around your calves, lower legs, and ankles. With tightening straps and buckles, you can adjust the gaiters, so they fit snugly and comfortably while you’re walking, hiking, working, or exploring.
  • ONE SIZE FOR MEN & WOMEN: Our snake gaiters are designed to fit calf sizes from 13 to 20 inches. To get the right fit, measure your calves with pants on because we recommend wearing the gaiters on top of your pants. The tightening straps and buckles make it easy to form the gaiters to your legs — it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Weighing 13 oz. each, you don’t have to sacrifice lower-leg protection for ease of movement. With Razer Gaiters Snake Gaiters, you can have both. These lightweight leg covers come with a nylon travel bag that features a drawstring cinch-cord and heavy-duty construction. You can bring these along for camping trips, wilderness explorations, and work excursions.
  • LAB-TESTED FOR SAFETY: They’ve been tested to ASTM F1342-05, which evaluates puncture-resistance of protective clothing, and ASTM D5420-16, which evaluates impact-resistance. With 1000-denier nylon fabric covering 13 individual polycarbonate panels, these gaiters are built to withstand harsh conditions and snakes to keep you safe.
  • FOR ALL CONDITIONS: More than just protection from snakes, these gaiters provide heavy-duty protection against sticks, briars, cacti, thorns, and more. They’re built for anyone who works or plays in snake country or harsh conditions — oil/gas/utility workers, loggers, forest rangers, hunters, hikers, fishers, ranchers, surveyors, landscapers, treasure hunters, Outdoor, Camping, Mountaineering, Hiking, Walking, Hunting, Climbing, etc.
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