ATEPA Ultralight Down


  • The backpacking down sleeping bag with ultralight 650FP white duck down 90/10 filling, nature’s best light insulator with the highest warmth-to-weight ratio to beat the cold weather. Filled with vertical lining structure, let the feathers are more fluffy, keep you warm and insulated all night. Extreme Limit is 16℉/-9℃, Lower Limit (men) is 39℉/4℃, and Comfort Limit (women) is 48℉/9℃. The oversize mummy sleeping bag allows you to move around inside. Gives you a large and comfortable sleep environment. Ideal for big and tall guys or active sleepers who like to move around. Dimensions: 220x81x55cm/86.6×31.9×21.7in. Across the body anti-snag zipper design at the foot box let your feet breathe in warmer weather, but still, have them on top of the soft bag. It’s great for regulating heat. The zipper is doubled tabbed so you can zip up from the inside as well as outside. You could actually walk while still in the sleeping bag if you wanted or needed to. The ultralight sleeping bag only weighs 0.8kg(1.8lbs). Packed size: 35ⅹø17cm/(13.8ⅹø6.7in). Comes with mesh storage bag, mesh structure to keep the sleeping bag dry. No worrying about the room in your backpack. Say goodbye to backaches. Made with soft 15D ripstop shell to prevent down loss and protects against wet weather.**Keeping your head and feet warm is key to remaining warm, so we add more feathers to these part. **The inverted trapezoidal design provides more space and comfort for your feet.**Inside pocket can safely store your flashlight, wallet, keys, watch, and other things.**A a draft collar, snag-free velcro, horizontal baffles work together to minimize heat loss.
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