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Chill Gorilla Snakeskin Sleeves

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  • Lightweight, durable, tear and puncture-resistant. Ideal for protecting your gear keeping it dry, clean & easy to store. Set up your hammock or rain fly as normal. To cover slide sleeve over gear & cinch the ends to protect. Your gear never touches the ground & no more tangled lines. Lightweight ripstop nylon protects your gear from weather, sun & dirt. Cylindrical shape easily slides over your gear (unlike Hennessy tapered snake skins). Camp essentials. Main Sleeve 134″. Extension Sleeve 39″. (Hennessey Snakeskins are only 84″ long). USE WITH HAMMOCKS, RAIN FLY, UNDERQUILTS. We fit virtually any hammock or tarp including 12 footers & can fit a double hammock, rainfly and bug net in one sleeve! CHILL GORILLA & OUR GUARANTEE CRUSHES THE COMPETITION. BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!
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