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FWDS Trekking Pole 99% Carbon Fiber

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  • The handle is suitable for the L-angle of the hand, more comfortable, sturdy, durable, more comfortable to use, non-slip design. The enhanced version allows you to hold in both directions and is more flexible to use. The strength of the aviation aluminum alloy rod is the same as that of the same stick but the weight is 20%, the texture is firm and durable; the internal joint is patented, even if the snow mountain environment is not deformed and damaged. The rubber grip, the more scientifically curved structure for the palm, is more comfortable and has a shock-absorbing design that reduces the impact on the wrists, arms, and shoulders. Adjustable nylon wristband that can be loosened or tightened, can be easily adjusted to the required degree of firmness, durable tungsten-manganese steel tip, with rubber boot trekking pole single weight 350g. 2019 new carbon folding stick, one-second speed open portable outdoor, simple speed open lightweight reduction flexible and detachable.
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