• Rechargeable, effortless, magical – at Msforce we believe in comfort and effectiveness and so we created the HL-400 with an effortless interface. An innovative headlamp that enables a user experience that not only includes comfort but especially efficiency. Made and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our headlamp can be recharged each time using an all-purpose USB chord, able to bare 8 hours of light. A product that simply delivers the feeling you deserve!
  • Pretty, freaking powerful – After much research, investigation, and understanding, we have created this fight light mode headlamp that provides twice the power than any other 3 light mode headlights on the market. Providing unbelievable clarity at 12000 Lumens to illuminate everything the night has to offer you.
  • The new generation of headlights MsForce prides itself as a company specializing in the production of lighting gear across all fields. Our headlights combine 5 different light modes that are sure to meet any lighting needs, coupled with unusually long battery life and while exceeding expectations in performance and capabilities – whole, of course, being programmed by highly polished and experienced electronic engineers.
  • Maximize your experiences – We believe everything inexperience in life should enable you to reach your maximum potential. In order to maximize and improve every experience through your night-time and outdoor life, we created the HL-400 headlamp, which mirrors our love for the American culture of camping, hiking, outdoor and indoor work. While introducing added comfort, unsurpassed on the market at the time.
  • One-Year Limited U.S. Warranty- we believe we have created the perfect product. At DanForce we are committed to the care of our customers and our main goal is your satisfaction, so we offer a full year warranty which you can download to keep from the bottom of the product page. Adventurers, it’s time!

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