Primitive Outdoor Gear

In our online store, we carry Hammocks and accessories for the perfect sleep. You can get them with or without a bug net built-in. We also have separate bug nets to wrap around your hammock for those people that protect you from the bugs and critters. Rainfly for that surprise rain or snow. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

Hikers or backpackers need gear too. We carry Trekking poles to backpacking gear. Backpacks, Hydration packs, Cooking gear for on the go, and for those who enjoy the overnight Hiking trails.

Snow gear has been added for people who travel or live up in the snow. Mainly for the people who hike or backpack in the United States and Canada where you are to get snow. Our business is located in Florida. But, we do think about those who are not. We do understand and do have some experience in your cold climate as well.

Kayaks are also added to our store for those that wanna paddle to get to the campsite. We are promoting Kayaks, Tandem Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, and the gear the you need.